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Michael Eko

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Michael Eko in collaboration with David Campbell
and Bridget Harris

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Michael Eko

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Michael Eko, Adrian Purwadinata

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Merio Falindra

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Angela Galia and family, Sukardi Family, LP3M Family (Niko Boro, Ibu Erni, Petrus, Joan, Jerry, Om Anton, Edi), David Campbell, Bridget Harris, Mas Adrian, Merio, KKI Warsi Malinau (Koko, Sugeng, Idris, Hari, dkk), Punan Adiu Community (Piang Irang, Lukas, Markus Ilun, Ilin Markus, Daniel, Supri, Matius, dkk), Zakaria Sembuak Warod, Alang Gong Solok, Margareta Seting Beraan, GFJA, ACFJ@Ateneo de Manila, Fisip UAJY, Andri Tambunan, Gembong Nusantara, Octa Christi, Suryo Wibowo, Rony Zakaria, Barmen Simatupang, Veejay Villafranca, Vembry Waluyas, Zhuang Wubin, (alm) Sugeng Hendratno and other fellow storytellers.


Adiu: Forest is our mother is produced by Michael Eko in
collaboration with Punan Adiu Community and Lembaga
Pemerhati dan Pemberdayaan Dayak Punan Malinau (LP3M).

This visual reportage has been supported by the Solutions Visual
Journalism Initiative
, organized by World Press Photo Foundation,
Message in A Photo Foundation and the Solutions Journalism

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Michael Eko

Michael Eko

is a documentary photographer based between Indonesia and the Philippines. He focuses to work on social and environmental issues. Since 2010, he follows and records the indigenous people and frontline communities in adapting to current socioeconomic, cultural and climate change. He believes that storytelling is a powerful medium to enhance empathy and provoke people to create call to action toward social change. To see his works, please visit

For photo licensing and creative collaborations, please contact his studio:  enklaf(at)pm(dot)me




Lembaga Pemerhati dan Pemberdayaan Dayak Punan Malinau (LP3M) is a local organization in Malinau, North Kalimantan Province of Indonesia. LP3M supports its indigenous community members in conducting participative mapping, advocacy and economic empowerment. To donate, support or collaborate, please directly contact Niko Boro (Director of LP3M):